Caitie Mae Experience

12 September 2012

So Hot!

He who controls the information is truly in control. We all feel confidence and power when our decisions are based on fact and knowledge. The Caitie Mae Experience does an impeccable job of informing you as well as displaying Caitie Mae and all of her glory.

It is rare to find a website that is built to support both the newbie and the long time associates of Caitie. The ability to talk to both clients is something that most blue chip companies fail to do. I know that Caitie has to be very intelligent to dedicate so much of her site to the education and the informing if the client. It has to be very comforting to call her and know exactly what to expext. Exactly what to do. Exactly what not to do. So smart! Newbies! Please search out Caitie’s third screening option. She is the first high end provider that I have come across that will see newbies. Yes, you have to give her your hr department number, but access to the very best is hard to come by. I can even fathom why any newbie would go to anyone else.

I love Caitie’s bio. It’s short, but it says so much. She is confident, desired, very fit, well known, sexually charged, and is very engaging. You don’t expect dead air on the other end of the line. She sounds like the life of the party in a package that can only be maintained by a blessed athletic angel.

I know what your wondering about now. And yes! She is amazingly beautiful. Her body is one that is lusted by both men and women. She strikes the perfect balance between elegance and fitness. You could take her to any sporting event or the opera and feel confident that she will fit in better that anyone. She will turn heads for all the right reasons. Just think about what I just said. Amazing beauty and amazing mind. Dare we say perfection personified? I think so.

That brings us to the most captivating passage I have ever read on an escort site. Caitie in her pure genius devotes an entire page to what she calls “My Oral Fixaction”. A full discourse on her love of cock! Her desire to bring pure unadulterated, unequaled pleasure to her man. She begins by telling us what we expect from any woman. She had nothing but fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not performing. The fear of looking less desirable if her makeup starts to run or smudge. However, by the time she is finished your both aroused and are creating scenes in your mind of the most glorious fellatio a man could imagine.

The Caitie Mae Experience is what every provider’s site should be. A true window to who lives beyond the pages. An experience that leaves you more educated, titillated, and craving a night out on the town with an escort that will only elevate your look and confidence.

Take control of your life and experience Caitie Mae !

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin!

5 September 2012
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Create or complete your costume or honor your favorite tribute with this officially licensed Hunger Games movie Mockingjay pin. The movie prop replica pin is made of

Halloween Costumes from Spirit Halloween

Tisha Dallas

22 April 2012


So Hot!

Tall women have always been adored as goddesses. With lines that could only be created by God himself they can silence any room with true grace. Tisha Dallas is a true embodiment of a tall scintillating goddess. When we found her website we jumped at the opportunity to tell the world what we found.

At first you see an amazing silhouette. You immediately leap to the conclusion that the woman in the photo is Tisha. Your mind races. Your pulse quickens add you start to reach for the phone. You know your friends will freak when they see this woman.

She only asks for an hour of advance notification. The two of you could look like royalty at tonight’s Mavs game, or a day at the races. That is when you jump to the Rates link, and notice that the woman has changed. We raced over to the photos tab to see if there are two different women served by the same page. That is when you see this amazing woman that has legs that go for miles. The photos you first happen upon are just window dressing. I don’t know why the site doesn’t celebrate Tisha for who she is. I think she would absolutely shine if she was in the two high quality photos. You can tell that the tiny photos are not showing you her true grace. Her true seductive beauty.

Maybe that beauty is displayed in her movies?

Tisha deserves a better site.

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