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Getting the best “bang” for your $buck$

Book CoverWhen an author writes from the heart about something they truly believe they will offend a reader or two. Can that be a detriment to their work? The knee jerk reaction is to say yes. The offended reader will not hear the message. They will tell others that the book failed. The correct answer is no. If you don’t ruffle any feathers your not going to convince anyone your words come from true knowledge and experience. Getting the best “Bang” for your $buck$ dares to talk about what every human wants to know, but the are too repressed or afraid to ask anyone about. The author uses real words to tell his story. He uses a no nonsense approach to eulogize the benefits of finding sexual satiation outside the bounds of our every day world and teachings.

Being a John is not a decision that should ever be taken lightly. It’s a decision that can only be made when you absolutely know who you are as a person. You must know where your morality draws the line. You alone have to deal with your decisions. If you don’t know who you are and what you truly believe in The Traveling John is not for you. The author warns the reader to not distrust their morality. I wholeheartedly agree. When you live outside of social “norms” you only answer to yourself.

Getting the best “Bang” for your $buck$ seems to lack focus in the beginning. The author attacks society on multiple fronts. I really wished that he would have taken the time to stay on a single element of society instead of the full frontal assault. Daring women to live a night as a free hooker is a bit much for the first couple of pages. With that said the author does a great job of informing the reader why the book was written. Why we should all stretch our wings and explore abroad. Why should we limit ourselves to just a small piece of our world. I really enjoyed the very unique travel tips. They come with a little risk, but it was really refreshing to hear some new ideas.

Wow, I was completely blown away by the wealth of street knowledge in this book. From choosing the right places to stay to how to protect yourself and your identity. Truly invaluable stuff. Who would have thought of renting an apartment would provide so much. Making sure to not leave a paper trail. Real talk real solutions. When we see people being arrested in the states for what they did in Bangkok you can’t be too careful.

It would have been nice if the book did more to help out those that can’t travel, but that wasn’t going to happen in this book. It’s clear that the author doesn’t hold western society in a good light. He speaks of how it has emasculated men. He will offend many readers when he goes into his many diatribes on how women like to operate. His disdain for the empowered women is clear. He has license to do so though. What he believes doesn’t change his facts. His furfur drove him to write the book. A book that may provide you the knowledge to be successful where you may have fallen short before. I chose to listen and not to judge character. I found that he did make a interesting argument for the legalization if prostitution. The idea that it would positively affect day to day interactions between and women. For those of us that have to operate in areas that are not so lucky he provides a great deal of information on laws to be aware of. He also provides advice on how to find even more information.

So, now that you have learned about how to travel and keep yourself safe Getting the best “Bang” for your $buck$ gives great advise when it comes to communicating with hookers. The author stresses the point of not being some trick that zips in and out. Show her the same care and affection you would expect. A hooker has a choice to provide a great experience, or to walk out with money in their packet and a raging hard on in your pants. A true John has a relationship with all his women. They are not slabs of meat. They enrich your life.

The cost question. “Make sure your fully satisfied with your provider before any money is exchanged”. You learn that satisfaction comes from many different things. You can hear him screaming at you to not settle for something you don’t want. There is a provider out there that is perfect for you. He likens it to finding a great meal. Order the meal you want and how you want it. Enjoy the meal. THEN pay for your enjoyment. Does he tell us where to travel? He does something that is even better. He devotes a whole chapter of the book to informing the reader of what to expect in every major country. The info for each country is short and to the point, but it seems very sound. You can tell it comes from a lot of personal experience.

I would recommend Getting the best “Bang” for your $buck$ to anyone that has chosen the life of a John. The information is just too valuable to not know. I would not recommend handing this book to an 18 year old man though. It should be read by someone that knows who they are, and has a full grasp on their own belief system. Happy reading!

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