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Tonight’s Girlfriend – “… I pay them to leave.”

This will raise your eyebrow


Simply amazing women

“I don’t pay them for sex, I pay them to leave.”

Wow!!! what a daring statement that really speaks to many men. We have all experienced the date that just lasted a little too long. A date that clearly had the intent of an evening of fun and a morning free of social and personal entanglements. In just a few words they drive home one of the valued benefits of an escort. We want to have fun with someone, but we don’t want any of the baggage.

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Here is a related press release. Enjoy……



SAN DIEGO, CA – A rapid increase in the trend
of high-end escorting across America was recently exposed by trusted news
sources such as Huffington Post and CNBC; this trend has inspired a new
high-end adult website, “Tonight’s Girlfriend.”

“Tonight’s Girlfriend,” from the creators of
Naughty America, chronicles life-like interactions among the taciturn arena of
high-end escorting with the highest-end of escorts: adult film stars. Though
the premise is controversial as well as realistic, the visual execution of the
site is nothing short of cinematic excellence. These factors are what make
“Tonight’s Girlfriend” undeniably fresh, amid an industry that thought it had
seen it all.

“There is an unfathomable
amount of porn on the internet; everyone knows this. Tonight’s Girlfriend
stands out not just because it’s visually beautiful; it’s actually different. I
have never seen anything quite like this,” says Producer of Tonight’s

“We really took the cue from mainstream
coverage of the high-end escort business,” said Naughty America’s CEO
Eddie Arenas. “We created this particular site because it is so relevant
to society today.”

The economy is down, but paid-escorts are still
proving to be a hot commodity, no matter how Wall Street performs. It’s so
popular that the sex-for-pay scandals are making national headlines now more
than ever.

Born from the idea behind CNBC’s “Dirty
Money,” a documentary on high-end prostitution, and from “Seeking
Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt,” a story
from The Huffington Posts’ Amanda Fairbanks, “Tonight’s Girlfriend” conveys the ultimate fantasies what any
given “man-seeking-woman” is looking for, but with professionally-skilled
sex-workers, according to Naughty America’s creators.

While “Tonight’s Girlfriend” has no correlation
with actual underground escorting activities, it is a close reflection of the
transactions that are happening all around us…often in broad daylight.

This rising trend, combined with the fantasies
of men that increasingly feed the multibillion-dollar adult-entertainment
industry, are what make “Tonight’s Girlfriend” a relevant reflection of
society. “Tonight’s Girlfriend” closely portrays the reality of the escorting
world and its participants, according to Naughty America’s creators.

Arenas concludes, “We feel ‘Tonight’s
Girlfriend’ will strike a chord with men that…can relate to this experience… as
it is becoming more and more prevalent in society.”

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